NFTs minting
Quizarena has adopted a different approach from traditional NFT games. The team wanted to make our NFT unique and low in production. So Quizarena will roll out NFT in three phases.
In Phase One, Quizarena will award NFT heroes to the top few players in the tournament. The team wish to reward players who put in time and effort into playing Quizarena. Therefore, the majority of the tournament questions will come from the game question database.
In Phase Two, players can mint NFT heroes with bonus in-game attributes using QZA.
In Phase Three, Quizarena will roll out NFT badges to players who have reached certain milestone.
NFT heroes will be given to tournaments winners, as a symbol of recognition and bragging rights
NFT heroes with bonus in-game attributes can be minted
NFT badges awarded to players after achieving certain milestones (e.g. answer 100 question correctly, attempted 1000 question and etc.)
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