Quizarena Key Game Features
Play-To-Earn has been the most common and well known concept in the GameFi space.
Quizarena's Vision:
Our team had a vision to bring Education & GameFi to everyone, both Free-To-Play & Learn-To-Earn, gamify quiz into something different yet interesting.
Quizarena's Mission:
Our mission is to create a decentralized platform & ecosystem that ultimately adds social value & impact on improving the quality of life for everyone.

What exactly does Learn-to-Earn mean?

Learn-To-Earn literally means that players would be able to earn rewards while they learn.
What is Compete-To-Earn?
Compete-To-Earnโ€Š means players would be able to wager tokens to earn when they win the PvP modes.
Quizarena 's Goal:
We want to bring people together through game and learning. Imagine a platform that rewards anyone that studies, and that this platform is an interesting game too, this would have a rapid expansion on the influence on people of all ages.
We are building Quizarena as an ecosystem that connects and gamify quiz & puzzle games, where everyone would be able to Learn & Earn. Quizarenaโ€™s mechanisms are Free-To-Play, Learn-To-Earn & Compete-To-Earn model.

QuizFi โ€” Learn to Earn

Free single player quiz challenges for anyone who would like to kickstart their learning process, all they would need to do is to create an account. Focusing on the quiz & puzzle gaming metaverse, Quizarena aims to create a new financial system integrated with blockchain and gaming.

Battle Quiz โ€” PvP

Wager and Battle players worldwide to win tokens through interactive and entertaining gameplay.

Quizarena Tournament โ€” PvP Leaderboard

Tournaments would also be able to provide a huge reward as we would have an ever-increasing prize pool, and NFT heroes as rewards. Get number 1 on the leaderboard, earn tokens and NFT heroes collectibles.