Binance Smart Chain
Quizarena will be using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure for smart contract deployment of the QZA token. The team chose to list the QZA token on BSC due its low transaction fees, compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), huge scalability potential, and ability to large volume of transactions. The game will be built using Unity software. The team believes that Unity is well suited for 2D games and mobile game development. Unity also provides great support services, wide compatibility across 25+ leading platforms and has a vast collection of documentation. The team is planning to launch the NFT generated from the Quiz Arena tournament on the BSC, Solana and Polygon blockchain network.
Advantage of BSC
  • Low transaction fees
  • Support one of the most popular DeFi wallets (e.g. Metamask )
  • Able to handle 55 transactions per second
Quizarena will be joining the BSCโ€™s landscape.
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